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Access to Single NPD BookScan Report: Is it possible? [duplicate]

I'm seeking assistance to obtain a single NPD BookScan report for one book. Direct access to a full license is beyond my current needs and budget. If anyone has access or knows a consultant who ...
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How is the process of finding a company to publish your book like? How much does it averagely cost to publish your book? How do you promote your book?

I’m very interested in writing and would one day like to publish my own book, yet I’m quite intimated by the cost and the search for finding a good publishing company. I’m also aware you’d have to ...
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Should I mention the number of books I'm planning to have in my novel series?

I'm currently on the second draft of my MG fantasy novel, which will end up as a series (if sales do well on the first book, of course." My original plan was to do a four-book main series and ...
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Does publishing book chapters as standalone short stories hurt recruiting an agent for the books?

If I publish some chapters of completed book manuscripts as standalone stories in literary publications, does it hurt my chances of recruiting an agent to represent the books? I have a colleague who ...
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Should I mention in my query letter to agents and/or publishers that I'm a minor?

I'm only on my second draft of a novel I'm writing (the first was about 77k words), but I've been doing my research on what to do when I'm done with all of my drafts. I'm a minor and I want to ...
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Can a minor traditionally publish their novel?

I'm a minor who's working on the second draft of my novel (the first was about 77k words). Can I traditionally publish my it when it's done? If so, then will my parents get credit for it instead of me ...
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Is it acceptable to have two different publishers for one book?

I've completed a novella and understand that it will fare better if it comes out in hardcover first. Indie publishers usually produce paperback and ebook versions. Does it make sense to self-publish ...
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Publishing copyright with regard to novels and comics

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I have a couple of questions about copyright law regarding written and illustrated works. If I traditionally publish a novel and maintain the copyright, can I ...
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Asking editors to elaborate on their response

Do let me know if this is off-topic. My question relates to the publishing process, and the typical ramifications of an possible action could have on one's future ability to be published. Getting ...
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Is there an industry term for a letter inquiring if a publisher is interested in a work?

I finished writing a non-fiction manuscript and now need to find an appropriate publisher. There are no existing books in this particular niche, so it is challenging to find a publisher to fit. In the ...
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How do you reduce a 5-page book proposal down to 1 page?

An article says to write a 5-page book proposal and a 1-page version. When submitting to agents and book publishers, read their submission guidelines for which length they prefer. How much weight ...
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As a first time wannabe writer, should I consider going in for Traditional publishing or Self Publishing?

Given that I am a wannabe writer with no real titles under my belt and relatively unknown, what would be a better option for publishing my first book? Should I go for the traditional publishing ...
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