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Questions tagged [time-management]

Issues regarding time management in writing, setting priorities and balancing workload.

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How to get over a long break from writing?

I'm wanting to get back into writing and work on a novel or a collection of short stories. In the past, I've done creative writing and I've written a full-length novel, however it's been over a year ...
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Is Duosuma really free and if so what exactly is one able to do and not able do with it for free? says "For tracking short stories and direct submissions to publishers, use Duotrope, a free online tool that contains every market you've ever heard ...
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Can the villain be introduced too late?

An important aspect of my story is the dread of my villain. He is slowly built up throughout the story, with a bunch of characters here and there talking of the terror he inflicts upon the world. ...
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How can one go about writing with a full time job?

I'm a single working professional who after work, chores, and sleep can manage to find only a few hours to sit down and write each day. I do however try to religiously read everyday. Writing seems ...
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Is the Agile planning methodology useful for the writing process of a fictional book?

I've been wanting to write a book in my spare time for a long time now, and while I've tried to start a couple times already, I've usually stopped again after a week or so because I get stuck ...
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Production/edition focus order

Good morning, This morning I have found an ad about a new TV serie, "See", which plot is quite similar (blind civilization with sighted-rare members, although environment and background is different) ...
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Motivation - or how can I get myself to do the work I know I need to?

There is worldbuilding and/or writing that I know I need to do, and even want to do on some level, but I keep not doing it. I don't have what I think of as traditional writers block, because I'm not ...
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Content Sites - any still around and useful?

I missed my chance to write for About.Com when it was TheMiningCom and now it's DotDash and seems to be under different rules. Suite101 has become (blocked from my work, so that's all I know....
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What are some techniques to avoid digital distraction?

I'm a modern day writer. I learned to type on a word processor when I was eight or nine. If you gave me a typewriter (which would be super cool of you,) I wouldn't really know how to use it well. I ...
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Nanowrimo and typewriting

I am a happy user of an Underwood 5, an old typewriter from the beginning of the XX century. I use it to type letters, short stories, greeting cards, and labels. I am now planning to try and type ...
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Planning story using layers, compartmentalization, and time

Plot, environment, characters, each one is a layer in a story. Each layer is also a compartment for further layers that are internally affected by external changes in their own, unique way, and each ...
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How to write a 40+ page story in 3 weeks [closed]

What is the best way to write a 40+ page story in 3 weeks? The story I am writing has to be spot-on and close to a professional level and is totally fictional.
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How much time do you find you have to commit to daily writing to see results?

I've wanted to publish a book for a long time (since I was 10 or 11), but never bothered to do any serious writing until a few years ago. Now I'm in college and working part time in an engineering ...
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Have there been any studies indicating which software documentation practices save the most time during onboarding?

It's generally conceded that at least some documentation saves people time when "onboarding" to a new project. With that said, have there ever been any rigorous studies on how helpful various kinds of ...
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How do you communicate to people that writing is a job and prevent interruptions?

I’ve been a writer for fifteen years, five as a full-time writer, and still haven’t figured out how to get the people in my life to view it as a job. Right now, I’m editing a novel to a very tight ...
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Many ideas, life catching up with me, no time to write [duplicate]

I have a really good idea for a short story, and I'm in the process of writing a novel. But I'm also a Junior in high school, which inevitably means - responsibilities. I have so much of those that ...
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Ideas for short story - not sure how to proceed

I don't want to take a break from writing my novel, but this other idea for a zombie apocalypse short story keeps invading my brain. The questions is, should I halt my book progress to write this ...
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Should I take breaks from writing?

I enjoy writing short stories very much, even though it is only a hobby for me, and I never gave thought towards publishing anything. I find that it's a good way to be productive with my time. There ...
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Mashing worlds, good or not so good?

I have these two worlds in my mind, and don't really want to choose between the two, but have only time to write one story since I'm not exactly a spring-chicken. Would it be worthy trying to find ...
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4 answers

Writing vs roleplaying (by forum)

In the latest years, i've developed my two main writing-related hobbies: "Conventional" writing: short stories and a wanna-be novel, far from being completed Roleplaying in a forum Roleplaying, ...
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How many hours a day will it take to complete NaNoWriMo?

Or more helpfully, how do I gauge for myself in a realistic setting, how many hours an evening it will take to write 1,666 words (assusming all planning is done and no editing is done during NaNoWriMo,...
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13 votes
4 answers

How can you write during a full work day?

As provided in this excellent answer by @what, there is a certain 'creative time,' for writing, when you can write the best. I've been aware of this for awhile, though I never really saw it for what ...
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Should I write my novel? [duplicate]

I am a guy whose passion has always been fiction writing but in college I decided to go into software engineering because my parents were in a bind and they needed help financially. Now I am decent ...
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In Science Fiction, how does one do research, but write at the same time?

I have posted twice before to writers.stackexchange and I compliment the people who answered me. As a result, I am going to start writing seriously without over reliance on craft books, even if I ...
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How do I decide if writing expository scenes that won't be in my finished novel is useful, or procrastination?

I tend to burn out developing my stories before they even reach the page, so I'm taking some advice to plan a novel. I didn't quite follow the advice to the letter; I used an idea that had been ...
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How do I balance work with my love of writing?

I'm a programmer and an aspiring writer. I love writing. Over the past year, I had been working on my first novel. Making the plot, dimensioning the characters, integrating conflicts etc. And when I ...
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How many words/hour should you aim for when writing your first draft?

A couple of axioms here. Firstly, most people agree that you should write your first draft quickly, without too much care on quality, and get something down on paper first. The real writing begins ...
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