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Questions tagged [technique]

Common, repeatable methods of achieving particular storytelling effects or of avoiding narrative pitfalls.

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What methods can I use to pinpoint my own stylistic choices?

I will admit that I am years out of practice in consistent writing on a personal, professional and academic level. Even even when that wasn't the case, I have always had difficulty understanding what ...
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What is this literary device called where a quote is changed for comedic effect?

A direct quote from the Bible is changed for comedic effect. Is it an allusion? maybe a paronomastic pan? And God said: “Let there be cake. And there was cake. And God saw that it was good.”
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Selectively mute character where language is a barrier

I have a mc that speaks only mandarin and is taken in by pirates that are mostly English speakers. He didn't speak much before being taken by them. So how would I write a character that is basically ...
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Non finite ( v finite (..ed) verb form correct usage

The rhythm of these 3 excerpts below are different, they read to me more or less the same though. Are any actually grammatically wrong? It's funny the sort of questions that pop up when you start ...
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Can supporting characters remain effective during long periods off screen?

My protagonist develops relationships early and gets kidnapped In my literary fiction story spanning about a decade, new relationships develop, they join with the street gang. Old relationships fade. ...
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Capitalising after punctuation within speech?

I've notices that Emily Bronte does not always capitalise in dialogue after exclamation marks or question marks, for example (light spoilers): "Be with me always - take any form - drive me mad! ...
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Deciding potential scenes and keeping the tension in my short story

To give some background, my short story is written from the perspective of person K. His school friend A (they are both in their mid-twenties now) invites him to stay in Vegas for a short time, and K ...
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