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This tag should be used for questions dealing with the synopsis of a work, such as questions asking for common techniques to write a short summary of your work that will be useful for the readers while at the same time enticing, or questions that deal with the ideal length of a synopsis for a certain piece of work, such as when sending the synopsis to an agent in a query letter.

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How do I write a synopsis for a scientific article? publication?

I want to submit an article under the "Analysis" of a journal. Their website says that authors are required to submit a synopsis first. I know that synopsis is like a summary of article, but ...
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Should Person Write Query Letter and Synopsis in Chronological Order Even Though Story is Told in Pieces

I am attempting to write my first novel, a historical fiction. To help focus my story, I wrote the Query Letter and Synopsis in chronological order. However, the story is a narration by an old lady ...
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Why is tl;dr at the end?

Why is it in the end, I see this often after reading the material. The definition is too long, didn't read, but by the time I see the tl;dr, I've already read it. It breaks the flow of the whole story ...
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Synopsis for a village full of characters

My book is about a sleepy Devon village and is a compilation of tales that feature over thirty characters. They weave in and out of each other's stories, in the pub, Post Office and village shop etc. ...
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How to write a good one paragraph synopsis for the snowflake method?

As an exercise for the snowflake method, I am working on a five-sentence paragraph synopsis for my story. I have a few attempts written down, where each attempt summarizes different aspects of the ...
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Ensemble cast novel - pitch and synopsis

My mystery novel features an ensemble cast of seven characters. Since I can't talk about all of them in the short span of the query letter, I've decided to focus on the antagonist. He's the main ...
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Where should I put my tl;dr?

By definition TL;DR, short for "too long; didn't read", is Internet slang to say that some text being replied to has been ignored because of its length. In slang it can also stand for "...
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Excerpt's length [closed]

How long, or how short, should and excerpt be? In entering mine for NaNoWriMo I noticed it was over 500 words long. Generally speaking, how long should a good excerpt be? Should I treat it as I ...
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Are there any online writing groups dedicated to critiquing synopses?

I wrote what others believe is a killer query letter, but now I have to do a synopsis. There appear to be lots of writer's groups, but I was hoping for a free one that focuses on reading synopses. ...
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Should I send my manuscript again if I forgot the synopsis after sending it to a publisher?

I emailed the manuscript and everything the guidelines said, and then realised the next morning I forgot to attatch the synopsis with it. I looked over the guidelines while I did the email. This is my ...
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How long should a good synposis be for a novel?

I have always been poor at writing things without including excessive detail, but I managed to rewrite my synopsis with very little detail and with personal detailed side notes not included within the ...
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Preventing spoilers in a short yet interesting synopsis of the story

The story I'm writing is all about discovery, so 95% of it needs to be unknown by the reader at first. But I just don't know how to make a short description of it, for example when telling to a friend ...
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How to format a novel synopsis

Is it standard practice to format a synopsis in the same manner as a manuscript (double line spacing, indented first line, 12 point, aligned left, times new roman size 12) when submitting to an agent/...
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Synopsis - multiple POVs and time periods

I'm looking for advice on writing a synopsis for my novel. I've found quite a few examples online, but none for multiple POVs and time periods. My novel is written from the point of view of three main ...
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How to summarize prolonged plot

I'm trying to write a summary of my book's plot for a query letter to literary agents, but my plot is extremely hard to summarize. The reason is that the plot is fast-paced, erratic, and constantly ...
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Synopsis for a memoir: Which tense/perspective to use?

The general rule is that a synopsis should be written in present tense, third person, regardless of the tense/perspective of the manuscript. I sometimes hear that this doesn't apply to a synopsis for ...
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