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This question should be used for questions about subtext, such as when asking questions about how or when to introduce subtext to your writing. A subtext in this context could mean the information that the author wants to convey without ever explicitly stating as such, either intentionally or unintentionally.

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How to have subtext with a character who's blunt, direct and straightforward?

I know what makes dialogue interesting is what characters don't say as much as (or more than) what they do. How do I achieve this with a character who prides herself on 'saying it like it is', and not ...
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Is spelling out the subtext a terrible mistake in writing? Is spelling out the subtext a terrible mistake in writing? Is that related to "show and not tell" or is it a different thing? In the movie Predator, the ...
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Is there a balance on being subtle?

I love literature that leaves clues that readers can connect or makes them discuss their own theorys/interpretations. I'm making my own, but how do I make one. Like, looking deeper in the words per se ...
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Writing Longer Flashbacks

In my story my MC has suffered a severe injury and has no recollection of who he was before it occurred. He knows what happened and where he was when it occurred as he was told by the people who found ...
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What are techniques for romantic subtext in a first-person novel?

In a first-person narrative, how do you effectively make it clear to the reader that a second character likes your protagonist, before it dawns on the protagonist herself?
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Is there a name for layers of subtext?

For each line of dialog, I have three pieces of text: the dialog itself, and two things I call Subtext1 and Subtext2 for now. Dialog: Self-explanatory, the only thing actually "visible" to the reader ...
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What is subtext?

In this question about creating subtext, Where in the writing process do you work in subtext?, the question of what the word subtext means was raised. This question is to address this issue. Of ...
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Where in the writing process do you work in subtext?

In the BBC Sherlock fandom there are many lively discussions about how a lot of the story takes place in subtext: Person C is a "mirror" for Protagonist A, water symbolizes emotions, drinking tea ...
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