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Questions tagged [subplot]

This tag should be used for questions about subplots, story arcs that center around supporting characters and that are in general only loosely related to the main plot and the main characters.

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13 votes
7 answers

I am overplotting my story - how can I figure out what is necessary and cut out what isn't?

I have recently discovered that the plot and cast of characters of my novel is so unbelievably complex that I am the only one who can actually understand it. I have too many characters, with too many ...
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5 answers

Are subplots necessary for a successful story?

I'm particularly interested in this in the context of a new novelist. Are subplots necessary for a successful, good story? Do most novels have them? I'm not sure I fully understand how to write a ...
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Writing Longer Flashbacks

In my story my MC has suffered a severe injury and has no recollection of who he was before it occurred. He knows what happened and where he was when it occurred as he was told by the people who found ...
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2 answers

Convergent, parallel plotlines okay?

So I saw Over Plotting My Story this morning, and I thought "Am I making the same mistake?" If so I'd rather fix it soon than later. I then did a search for multiple plot branches and found Are ...
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