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Questions tagged [structure]

For questions about the connections between and ordering of elements within a written work.

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A Question on 'Topical Progression': How to Address Internal Inconsistencies in the Framework

(This question has been moved from English Language Stack Exchange on account of relevancy.) In my mission to improve my writing, I have come across a concept called 'topical progression' (discussed ...
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Fan-non fiction market appeal

I found the discussion of flat vs round characters in the answer to this post pretty interesting: Example of a fictional story without any characters (the story being 1000+ words). Borrowing this ...
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What's the format of a P.E.E.E.R. paragraph?

I know most of the parts of a P.E.E.E.R. paragraph, but I'm not sure what one of the Es are, and I'm not sure how they fit together. P is for Point, one E is for Evidence, another is for Explain. An ...
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What do you call semantic text features?

The problem I've been trying to find a complete list of text features. Things like words, paragraphs, headings, links, bold, italics, lists, tables, quotes, captions, images, indexes, glossaries, ...
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Does anybody know a good book on writing novels that covers complex storyweaving, multiplots, or parallel plotting?

Does anybody know a good book on writing novels that covers complex storyweaving, multiplots, or parallel plotting? I have a large collection of how-to-write manuals for screen and novel writing. ...
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How should I structure a small non-fiction book/paper about a groundbreaking product/invention?

I want to write a book/paper about an invention I have thought and developed conceptually. But I'm really struggling on what I should include in it and how to structure the information. Any ...
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How to properly include credits for the author, location, date and time?

I'm working on an amateur article about various topics and want to include my name (as the author), location of where I'm currently writing the article, and the current date and time. I've seen many ...
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Forming Conceptual Chiasms Without First Creating an Outline

There are books that contain conceptual chiasms, which are easily seen when the books are outlined. Is outlining before writing the only way to produce these structures, or can you produce them by ...
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