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This tag should be used for questions about the steampunk genre, such as questions about marketing in this genre or problems encountered when depicting characters or technology in your writing. Steampunk generally refers to a genre where the focus is on technology and its impact on humans, most often in a Vistorian setting. There are many other -punk genres that are often grouped together with Steampunk, such as Dieselpunk or Cyberpunk.

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Sugar-coating a niche genre

I have written one novel, which I believe to be in the steampunk genre. The main plot revolves around a two adventurous women entering in possession of a fabled machine, and using it to chase the ...
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How to make the reader feel like the protagonist is not a single character, but the group/squad?

Im writing a fictional dieselpunk story based on the WW2 era in a world of my own. The protagonists are two squads (one from the "Axis" and the other from the "Allies") with the characters within the ...
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Is mixing cultures for the setting of a fantasy story frowned upon?

I am writing a fantasy/steampunk/horror novel, and I'm wondering if mixing different cultures is frowned upon. Specifically, my novel's setting is a mix of Italy, Ancient Rome, and Transalvania/...
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Can I use "fuck" as a non-vulgar verb in a fantasy/steampunk world?

I've been sending my fourth-ish novel through the my writing group. It is about a trio of teenagers running away from some mercenaries. One of them (Maris) is a girl who has only had a year of formal ...
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Writing first person or third person limited for steampunk?

I have a phobia of decision making and am asking for your help. I want to write a YA steampunk book with lots of made up stuff. Now, fantasy isn't really written in the first person, but I want to try ...
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Does this excerpt strike a balance between the formality of steampunk and accessible writing?

I'm having a bit of trouble, since I'm writing in a semi-new genre. I ordinarily write fantasy with a modern-day setting, but my latest experiment is steampunk set in not-exactly-Earth, so it has a ...
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What are common attributes of the Steampunk genre?

These attributes could be character archetypes or traits, attributes of the setting, characteristics of plot or pacing, and broader themes. Essentially, I'd like to build a definition of the genre by ...
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