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Writing specifically intended to be spoken to others in a group to inform or inspire action.

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School farewell speech

EDIT: Today was the day of farewell. There were nearly 6-7 performances, and based on the audience' reactions, mine definitely makes in top 2, maybe even best. Most others were copied from internet, ...
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How to find different meanings behind metaphors used in speech writing?

I'm looking for ways to discover what others might think when they hear or see a metaphor used in a speech. I tend to think a certain way. I have certain prejudices. I think we all do. If I use a ...
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How to open a serious speech?

I need to speak at the unveiling of a memorial plaque (this one, incidentally). I have an idea of what I want to say, and how I want to arrange it. My struggle is with the opening. I have spoken in ...
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How do speech writers find the contents that make their speeches so impressive?

I wonder, when I hear JFK, Obama, Lincoln, Gandhi, Modi. The sentences, phrases in their speeches are so impressive. The content of their speeches are wonderful. I desire to be a successful orator but ...
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How to start writing a graduation speech?

I am a junior in high school and have been asked by my teachers to prepare a welcome note and start the ceremony. I have to: introduce the principal and the guest of honor thank the faculty ...
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