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Questions tagged [software]

Computer programs intended for writers. Questions involving the use of particular programs, or requesting recommendation for software that will help in a particular task.

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Scrivener, footnotes are missing/misformated when compiling to PDF (Windows 3; V3.0)

I'm creating a novel in Scrivener 3.0 that makes heavy use of footnotes. In recent compile tests on a chapter, I'm finding that on one page the footnotes are being displayed laid on top of the text at ...
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3 votes
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A BibTeX for Reference-Style Links in Markdown?

Both Daring Fireball and Markdown Guide suggest that in Markdown writing, reference-style links can be put at the end of the document (say) or right after the reference is made. My question arises ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Final Draft to change an element into a dialogue?

In Final Draft, when I paste in text into the editor, it defaults to an action. If I select the text or put my cursor on a spot in the text, I can go to the menu and choose "Format > Change ...
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Is there a good way to organize chapters with Open Office Writer?

I've found I'm writing some of 20+/- page documents that are of publishable quality. How can I organize them into chapters in order to keep them organized better than in a single document.
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Striking statistics on the SOLID principles

I'm writing an article about software quality and SOLID on Medium. I want to add statistics (reports, surveys etc.) to strengthen my article. For example; According to research of company X, the ...
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Scientific Journal

What are some other equivalents to a journal like SoftwareX where one can submit the methodology and codes used to solve a research problem?
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