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Questions tagged [series]

This tag should be used for questions about series of written works, such as series of books, videogame scripts or graphic novels. The questions should detail what aspect of a story is difficult, such as differing lengths or the repetition of information.

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How do you write a submission for a previously published book (taken off the market by the author) and introducing a 2nd book in the original series

The original children's historical fiction picture book was self published by the author. It sold a few thousand and was on Amazon but was too expensive to continue being published by the author's ...
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Successful (non YA) epic high fantasy published episodically as a novella series

The high fantasy genre is notorious for producing enormous tomes. I am currently writing a BronzePunk epic of my own. However, I have chosen to publish it somewhat episodically as a series of ...
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Question for "standalone with series potential" query

It's a 195k word epic fantasy. These next few passes will bring that down quite a bit, and I know there's wiggle room. Reddit constantly focuses on that despite that the debut epic fantasy 120k word ...
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