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Would a story about a character who dies by suicide and regrets it in the afterlife be disrespectful or inappropriate?

I've had this story idea on my mind for months. It is rather taboo as its centered around a suicide and the afterlife, and I want to know the best ways I can go about it respectfully and considerately ...
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Is writing from the perspective of a 'severely' autistic character too hard?

I am fixing to write a story about a semiverbal level 2/3 autistic 12-year-old because this is a very underrepresented group, especially in the autistic community. I don't want it to be an overly ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do I warn/prepare my beta readers when giving them small excerpts to read?

I recently shared an excerpt from my writing with friends who are acting as casual 'beta alpha-readers' (I use this term extremely loosely), partly as they have more lived experience with, and ...
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How can I write a character who inherits armour/clothing that doesn't fit because they are plus-sized, while respecting my audience's own experiences?

Context: I'm writing a short story that serves as some background for a roleplaying character who is a fantasy dwarf called Fin, and as such I'm not expecting it to ever be published in its current ...
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