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This tag should be used for questions about reviewing literary works, such as when asking about tools or software that can assist you in writing a review or keeping track of different works you and others are reviewing.

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What site is similar to without the commitment?

So, I'd like to post some of my work to the public to get hype and also get some exposure to the public. I have visited and learned that they have a lot of great writers who are looking ...
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How can I review fanfiction without knowing the original?

I'm doing a writing circle with friends where I had to review a fan fiction. I was far from the ideal reviewer for it because I didn't play the game it was based on, only a few hours of a later one in ...
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Where can I go to have my writing reviewed both in terms of style and technical content?

I would love to have essays reviewed both in terms of quality writing and in terms of its content. I have researched a few sites but this service does not seem to exist.
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Writing a book review

I just came across a question that related to the topic of book reviews. I wish to know, how can I start as a reviewer and where can I find sample reviews of some non-technical books or novels? In ...
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How is the monetary value of a single submission determined?

I have read couple of submission guidelines and publisher notes that pays on the "word" unit for descriptive essays, articles and lists. (For ex, 2₹/word). Then there are different guidelines for ...
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Should creativity or eloquence in a technical document be removed during review?

I am working on churning out some technical documents, which are similar to a colleague's. I've copied some sections of his document as appropriate, and there are no concerns of plagiarism. His ...
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How can we make reviewing HTML documentation easier?

Summary: I'm looking for a way for reviewers to comment collaboratively as close to "inline" as possible on a large HTML project. The problem in detail I work on a team that documents a ...
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