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a/the when talking about the company in a resume

In a resume, where the format is: {Company Name} - {Title} - {Start Date} - {End Date} - {Location} {Summary of the responsibilities and accomplishments at the company} One of the entries is the ...
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What's a better way to say "I've knocked it out of the park..." [closed]

I have ONE SHOT at getting the CEO to read further in my cover letter to a new company that has complicated operations and is going to build out their national footprint. I didn't want it to sound ...
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Resume sentence fragment conundrum [closed]

I am updating my resume and need help making this sentence grammatically correct. Is it ok as is? It is for a bullet point list of job duties on a resume. “Review, prioritize and respond to ...
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What tool will help me track sentences and paragraphs in resumes and cover letters so I can use this database to tailor new ones?

I'm tailoring my resume over and over to highlight my experiences that best fit the needs of employers as described in their job listings. Not to overstate the obvious, but I do this by choosing ...
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What are the differences in writing a narrative between a CV and a resume?

When I googled "The Difference between Resume and CV", the first result I bumped into was this. I am highlighting a few points that are mentioned in it below: The primary differences between a ...
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Personal or impersonal in a technical resume

In CVs or on Linkedin profiles there are often spaces dedicated to past experience. In those sections, one is supposed to describe what work he/she did and what skills he/she acquired on previous ...
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How can I avoid using I repetitively in a resume/about me?

My Question How can I avoid using I repetitively in a resume/about me, should it be avoided or is it to be expected in that kind of writing? Are there any substitutes that can be used in place of it, ...
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What's the least distracting method to inform editors I'm a woman?

I have a gender-neutral name, so people often assume I'm a man. However, a portion of the writing I do is for tech companies. Because of the lack of diversity in the tech industry, many of these ...
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Writing accomplishments on a resume

When writing about past accomplishments on a resume on my native language (Portuguese), it is usual to refer to them using a "hidden subject", a phrasal structure I've been told does not exist in ...
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How would I give a reference of my YouTube channel in the Resume?

I'm a fresher seeking for a job in Android development and have a YouTube channel on Andrioid development Tutorial. How would I refer the YouTube channel in my résumé? Can I include ...
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Need recommendation re: online resume format

I'm drafting a resume for a job opportunity & would love recommendations on a formatting issue. My resume has many bullet points and some tables. However, I'm challenged by online job applications ...
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How do I find somebody to review my CV?

I've written a CV, and I want to get feedback on it. I want to know I haven't made any mistakes, and that it's as good as I can make it. But I don't know where to find such a service; what to expect ...
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Can I use an abbreviated two-digit format for year in a resume?

Can I use '14, '15, '16, etc., instead of the full four digits?
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Should I indent when I write just a short sentence?

I'm writing a curriculum vitae and in Special skills section I wrote as the following: 8- Special skills I have the following skills: C++ Objective-C Should I indent "I have the following skills" ...
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What are the advantages of different date formats in resumes and CVs?

I've seen a somewhat related question, but it doesn't answer my question quite right. Say you're writing an event that happened on a single day, and you need to put it in your resume or CV. So how ...
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"I have/am" - what are other short ways to not repeat this in a cover letter?

I use the GIS/Programing ones extensively. For a cover letter, what are ways that you can avoid repeating I have done .... I have experience with ... I am experienced in... ...
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Where in a CV should I mention a relevant but unpaid (volunteer) project?

I'm writing up a CV (my secret identity is a mild-mannered software engineer); there's a volunteer project I did (related to my undergrad studies) that I want to describe, and I'm not sure where to ...
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Explaining that experience is far greater than official job title implies

Hopefully this meets the FAQ under the 'Non-fiction, technical' section. I work as a Graphic Designer, but I want to apply for a job as an Advertising Account Manager. While my title at my current ...
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Questions on two sentences on a cover letter

I am writing a cover letter - an excrutiating process. There are two sentences I am quite unsure about. The first one: I hold a math Ph.D. from xxx that was carried out at a research group headed ...
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What content parts should a technical (IT) CV have?

I've been struggling for a while with my CV and I need help on deciding which sections should I include in it? I lack the formatting skill, I remember studying in school how to prepare my CV - there ...
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How do I rewrite the following for a resume?

I did a study on Network File System in the course Operating Systems. I also implemented NFS server and NFS client on Ubuntu. I also wrote a project report on it. I want to write above in a resume. I ...
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Resume Preamble: Sounds wrong [closed]

Writing a Resume for an internship at a large local CMS company. How does this preamble sound? How can I make it better/follow it up? My name is Korvin Szanto, I'm an 18 year old programmer from ...
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What is the best way to introduce myself in a letter to a prospective graduate adviser?

I'm applying for graduate school, and I'm considering writing to Professors whose research areas match with what I intend to pursue. I've a Masters' degree and 2 years working experience in a renowned ...
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Write a resume objective that expresses my desire to hone and sharpen my skills

I wish to convey to prospective employers that I not only want to use my skills, but hone and sharpen them as well. Does the below paragraph do justice to it? Do you have any suggestions? Does the ...
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What's the best practice for displaying a personal website url in a resume?

Like most veteran coders in the IT industry, I have an out-of-date website that I use to link to different activities I'm involved with online, like Twitter and Stack Overflow. Up until now, I haven't ...
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How to obtain a thoughtful critique of a job application cover letter?

Sometimes, not always, when searching for my next position or project, I make an effort to write an interesting cover letter, one intended to convey images and passion, a story. I want it to be a ...
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