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Is writing from the perspective of a 'severely' autistic character too hard?

I am fixing to write a story about a semiverbal level 2/3 autistic 12-year-old because this is a very underrepresented group, especially in the autistic community. I don't want it to be an overly ...
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Properly writing characters with Dissociative Identity Disorder

In my story for a game, one of the main antagonists has Dissocistive Identity Disorder. His alters are already written, but I am asking for some advice on how to properly portrayed a character with ...
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Using Labels on Character Sexuality (to add subtle worldbuilding)

For my fantasy story, I was thinking of having the characters say their sexuality, but in a different way. In most stories that do representation right, they show it, but do not directly say it. For ...
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Is it possible to write an emotional narrative in a game with player-made character?

I'm in the process of drafting a story for a single player game where the player controls their own made character. I'm planning for the game to have an emotional narrative but I cannot wrap my head ...
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How do you respectfully portray a character that cannot walk when they have the power to visit an alternate dimension where they can walk?

Context In my fantasy world, there are two realities that people travel back and forth between constantly. There is the "real world" where everyone travels when they are awake, and then ...
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