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How do I write a scene of someone reading a book without rushing it?

Right now, I have described the differences between the world the character lives in and the world the character is reading about, but it seems really rushed, like he'd only been reading for a few ...
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How to read in order to improve my writing skills?

It's fairly common wisdom to say that one must read to improve their writing style. I am looking for techniques or activities to do while reading books. I mean, should I analyze the sentences' ...
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How much opinion do you need in order to decide how "readable" something is?

How much opinion do you need in order to decide how "readable" something is? If one person, even if experienced, says "this is not very well readable", then I think it not enough ...
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How do I write in a sophisticated manner (though not convoluted)?

I would like my writing to be sophisticated, but find it difficult. I think this is since I have trouble understanding sophisticated passages. So no matter how well I know grammar, I can never arrange ...
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How can I read 700 pages in a day?

It's been two months and I haven't completed one book, and this OP has read 700 pages in one day. So how can I increase my reading habits? Compared to this person, I did nothing but just wasted 2 ...
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