Questions tagged [reader-engagement]

Questions under this tag should address the ability of a piece of writing of drawing in its audience, making it feel involved in the story or in the topic being told.

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How to make a story not just constant action?

How do I write it so that the MC isn’t just facing conflict after conflict, but make it not seem like filler. I get that there needs to be SOMETHING going on, but at the same time they can’t just be ...
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What to avoid when writing distant and inconsequential POVs?

I'm currently writing a sci-fi novel, where we've got some huge, solar system-spanning stuff going on, with huge stakes. I've got four POVs that are directly involved with this, whose decisions matter ...
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Chapters in my thriller before the main threat comes in

I'm writing a thriller about some people that have their whole world change around them. I won't bog this question down with lengthy specifics though. The world my characters inhabit isn't exactly ...
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Starting a literary magazine [closed]

Because of the corona outbreak, I'm stuck at home (as I'm sure lots of you are) and I decided to start a nonprofit online literary magazine dedicated to providing a platform for marginalized voices. ...
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What can I ask my readers to help me and how?

I have a growing non-fiction blog about challenging existing dogmas in my culture, and it has been attracting a good amount of readers. However its growth is still not optimal, as they just read or ...
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How to create conflict in micro fiction which force reader to interact

Are there some specific rule of thumb or heuristic to consider while writing a micro fiction or a 500 word post on some social media to create conflict or anything which force reader to interact or ...
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In ancient writings, was it usual to address the reader?

I am writing a textbook, in where, just for fun, I would like to present the concepts as if I were telling a story. Again, just for fun, I would like for the writing to sort of emulate an ancient way ...
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Does the reader need to like the PoV character?

I have the feeling this is already been asked, but I can't seem to find it. Close the question if it comes out as duplicate. There's an issue with novels with a first-person narrator, or a third ...
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What is the best way to simulate grief?

I am new to the art of writing and have been wondering if there is a way to introduce the grief of loss(character dies) in my story, inturn while making the reader feel the grief. Is there a good ...
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Struggling with the number of themes in my work

So, I'm a big picture person. What I like best, in life, and when I write, is bringing a lot of very different elements together. But as a result, both my fiction and non-fiction tend to be ...
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How to make sure that my reader has not forgotten an incident or character which was described earlier and referenced much later in the writing? [duplicate]

In the context of writing a fiction novel, how to make sure that readers remember several of the incidents or events or even characters that were described in earlier chapters, when the same gets ...
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Too Many Goals?

Not unsimilar to myself, my protagonist potentially has too many goals. He's isn't a likeable character (which is how I intended him) so to keep reader interest, I would like them to become invested ...
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