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The rape tag should be used for questions about writing rape scenes and the usage of rape in a novel.

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I am afraid some scenes in my novel are too graphic for some people (Trigger warning: Sexual Assault)

Just to keep it short. One of my characters is sexually assaulted by her father. While not being descriptive of the act itself, the situation itself is quite an sad scene. This is relevant as the ...
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How graphic should a grimdark fantasy setting be?

Should a setting go into the gritty details of the horrible things that happen to show how awful they are? (Torture, brutal violence, rape, etc)? Or does grimdark work better when it's subtle and ...
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How to deal with a rape scene: what can/should you do?

Preface: there are three main characters in the story, all three of them in their mid twenties. Two women and one man. For simplicity, lets call them Jane, Sally and John. Jane and Sally have been ...
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Would it be acceptable to write demonic possession as a form of rape?

Being possessed by a foreign entity seems very tame in the stories where I have seen it. The event doesn't have the gravity that I feel it should, and the person usually goes back to living a normal ...
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