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Publishing is the act of printing and distributing writing in physical or electronic form. It may refer to the commercial publishing industry, small press, self-publishing and on-demand publishing. This tag should be used for any questions regarding the publishing process in any of these forms.

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How do you write a submission for a previously published book (taken off the market by the author) and introducing a 2nd book in the original series

The original children's historical fiction picture book was self published by the author. It sold a few thousand and was on Amazon but was too expensive to continue being published by the author's ...
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What do these 3 numbers mean on the copyright page?

Text: published in the USA by Hyperion Books for Children 2005 Published in Great Britain by Puffin Books 2005 This edition published 2013 020 What do the 3 numbers mean?
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Does publishing my story on sites like Royal Road or ScribbleHub reduce (or increase) the story's market value? Why?

I read dozens of stories serialized on the web, for free, on sites like Royal Road and ScribbleHub. And several of them sign contracts with publishers, get "sold" to the 'zon, audiobook, ...
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How long does it take to publish in a magazine?

How long does it take to publish in a magazine? I have had a piece under consideration—with a fair number of emails and discussions with the editor—for five months with the editor still on the fence ...
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I am seeking for a partner to finish a fictional story. Where can I find somebody to work with me?

I have written a fictional novel of about 40,000 words with a very bad translation to English. I need someone to expand it with 30,000 more words to reach 70,000 and become a partner with me for ...
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Devising system for noting secondary sources in block quotation. New edition of previously published work

Working with a text that makes extensive use of a secondary source that will be given in block quotation and, of course, cited. The secondary source, however, contained many original source citations ...
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How do I use Google AdWords to lead potential readers to my WattPad story?

I have a 90k word story that I want to publish on WattPad, and I plan to "religiously" follow all their promotion guides. I don't see using Google AdWords anywhere in the guide. How can I ...
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How do Fair Use and Copyright laws apply to allusions in writing?

I'm working on a novel where one of my main characters is young, and supposed to be obsessed with anything under the brand name "Star Wars"(Especially pertaining to the movie.) When talking ...
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Fan-non fiction market appeal

I found the discussion of flat vs round characters in the answer to this post pretty interesting: Example of a fictional story without any characters (the story being 1000+ words). Borrowing this ...
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What's the paper quality used for the Penguin Books Great Ideas series?

I'm trying to learn more for a self-publishing project, and I really love this series: I'm an amateur so I might not be using the ...
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professional email help

I'm a new writer dealing with a publishing house. It's been a couple of months since we last exchanged an email about edits. I'm thinking that we are towards the end period and getting ready for a ...
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Looking for International Platforms for Self-Publishing Technical Books

I am a technical book author looking to sell my work internationally. I have been publishing my technical books on a platform called 'Zenn' in Japan, and I am wondering if there are similar services ...
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How can an author write a piece of upmarket fiction effectively?

I just wanted to ask a question on behalf of an aspiring author friend. How can an author write a piece of upmarket fiction effectively? She used to lean towards writing strictly literary fiction, but ...
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Manuscript Formatting

What program should I use to actually lay out my manuscript? I am in Reedsy doing the editing and writing. The illustrator is working on the pictures, but I need to be working on the layout so I can ...
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Places to post serial fiction that isn't romance, erotica, vampires or werewolves?

I'm familiar with Wattpad and have heard of something called Radish for sharing and reading serialized fiction, but it seems apps and sites like this are flooded with Romance/Erotica or Vampires/...
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Can you tell if a book on Amazon is print-on-demand?

For context: I have a poetry chapbook which has been published by a small publisher. The book is sold through their website and through Amazon. Unfortunately, my publisher is not very communicative ...
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