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Why Do People Write Prose with Poor Rhythm?

First, I do not practice writing often, nor for a long time when I do. So that might be a reason I am struggling with rhythm lately. Second, I do not intend this post to be an example of good rhythm. ...
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Is there a way to make text feel like an unhinged rant while still being readable?

I want to write a passage of text that makes the reader feel like the person writing it is deranged or otherwise not in the right state of mind. It seems relatively easy to write incoherent, ...
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What can I do so my work isn't closely similar to others?

I'm writing romance right now. I'm on the part where it's like a really good poem or a scene. You know, the one where you'll see it posted/quoted everywhere in Instagram or some other, but everything ...
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What would consider a "boring or unnecessary" scene?

In a chapter I'm currently writing is of an ostracized boy stumbling in a forest and being amazed with childlike-wonder. From the feel of the grass on his bare feet to the flora and fauna around. In a ...
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Does Simple Writing Lead to Passive Reading? [closed]

a quick question here about non-fiction writing styles: It is said that the German philosopher Immanuel Kant intentionally wrote in a difficult and opaque style so as to force his readers to pay ...
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Techniques for Engaging the Reader [closed]

It always thought prose to be good enough if possessing rhythm and clarity. But according to some books I have read on style, more is involved in engaging the reader. So can you include some ...
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