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What can I do so my work isn't closely similar to others?

I'm writing romance right now. I'm on the part where it's like a really good poem or a scene. You know, the one where you'll see it posted/quoted everywhere in Instagram or some other, but everything ...
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What would consider a "boring or unnecessary" scene?

In a chapter I'm currently writing is of an ostracized boy stumbling in a forest and being amazed with childlike-wonder. From the feel of the grass on his bare feet to the flora and fauna around. In a ...
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Does Simple Writing Lead to Passive Reading? [closed]

a quick question here about non-fiction writing styles: It is said that the German philosopher Immanuel Kant intentionally wrote in a difficult and opaque style so as to force his readers to pay ...
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Techniques for Engaging the Reader [closed]

It always thought prose to be good enough if possessing rhythm and clarity. But according to some books I have read on style, more is involved in engaging the reader. So can you include some ...
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