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A Press Release, or PR, is an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter. Questions using this tag should be asking something related to the writing, editing, format, or distribution of such statements.

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Writing a press release without tacky self-promotion

I recently graduated from a university and was selected to participate in an exciting team event that likely would interest the public. One member from my time suggested that I either: (1) Write "...
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How much web presence should I have?

I am getting ready to release my first fictional novel. At the moment I have zero web presence (besides E-mail accounts). I am considering using Amazon's Kindle Direct. Before releasing should I ...
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Why do news articles and press releases start with date and location?

Here's what I'm talking about: PALO ALTO, Calif., January 5, 2016 — Example Inc. today delivered on the promise to reinvent the PC by bringing premium consumer design into a commercial-grade device ...
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How to write a press release

I have to write a press release (intended for radio) for a fundraiser and I'm not sure on the format it should take. Should a press release be an information sheet or should it be the copy I want read ...
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When sending out press releases, do you include a cover letter?

I'm preparing a book release for a book I publish via CreateSpace, and being a noob I wonder if press releases normally go out with cover letters, or just stuffed in an envelope? I'm using snail mail ...
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Editor of a publication changed Press Release headline to the point the meaning changed, what can be done?

The PR headline I provided was, Acme Co to exhibit in western states for first time The editor changed it to Acme Co expands sales program to western United States These are fundamentally ...
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