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Questions tagged [preparation]

This tag should be used for questions about preparing the necessary information and drafts to start writing your work.

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After writing the beat sheet, is there any preparatory document you can write before starting to write your story?

After writing the beat sheet, is there any preparatory document you can write before starting to write your story? I just finished writing the beat sheet for a story I wanted to write, but I would ...
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What level of understanding should you have of Quantum Physics to write a hard science fiction novel?

What level of understanding should you have of Quantum Physics to write a hard science fiction novel? And how should you learn Quantum Physics in order to be able to write a hard science fiction novel?...
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Shortage of Ideas

Oftentimes, when trying to write, I run into trouble comming up with all I intend to say, barely managing to author the main points. As to whether this is due to some cognitive defect, or due to some ...
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If I wouldn't want to read the story, is writing it still a good idea?

I struggle with forming full-fledged ideas. I'll come up with a snippet of an idea, have a hard time fleshing the idea out, and then lose interest before the idea becomes an actual story concept. ...
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How do I start using my heart over my head?

A little bit of background: I am trained as a electrical engineer and the more analytical stuff comes very easily to me. I've become way too analytical in my everyday life, always searching for ...
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How to improve my English writing? [duplicate]

I know the title of this question is too broad. But I think this is the apt title for my doubts. I am a non-native speaker of English language. Even then I love to write in English whenever I get ...
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Real, serious and based on personal experience idea, but no previous practice. Where to begin?

Since my childhood I have had a secret dream to write my own story or even a novel. I have always enjoyed reading books and writing compositions. However, I never had enough courage to start writing ...
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3 answers

How can I cut my prep work to get to writing more quickly?

When it comes to fiction writing, I love creating characters and watching them run with the story under my pen. I spend a lot of time at the office coming up with exciting ideas of what and who to ...
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12 votes
8 answers

How to develop a story for a novel?

I am looking for some inspiration on where to start writing a novel. I have a general idea for a plot and characters, but I don't feel it's enough for sitting down and starting to write. It needs a ...
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Where would be a good place to start for a 15 yr old who wants to be a writer when she's older?

The 15 yr old female in question has spent the last few months writing her own book (Fiction) and has passed it to her uncle for review who has a very small publishing press but its in an entirely ...
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5 answers

What are some strategies for developing basic writing skills? Beginning Writing (again)

I have a friend who is going back to college after a decade, and is quickly finding out that his/her writing skills are not up to snuff. He/she writes in a style suited more for Facebook than ...
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Where is a good place to find writing prompts?

I love using writing prompts to come up with story ideas. I'm looking for good sites that have a lot of good writing prompts. One that updates fairly often would be best. :)
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How do you come up with non-fiction story ideas?

My biggest problem is that I'm often at a dearth of ideas. I can target a publication or radio show or whatnot once I've got it, but I'm just not good at coming up with them. Tips?
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How many queries do you send to editors a week?

How often should a writer be sending queries to establish a consistent flow of work? Currently I have a goal of trying to send out one query a day and at least two a week to places I've never worked ...
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How should I go with hiring an illustrator for a webcomic?

I want to start writing a webcomic, but as my talent as an illustrator is limited, I would only write the scripts and let to someone else the task to bring my script into picture. The only problem is ...
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Pantsing a story?

I heard a writer talking about pantsing a story. What does that mean?
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