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Is it okay to have a children's picture book with 100 illustrated pages? Are there any examples of such books?

Recently, I had commissioned illustrations for a children's picture book that I had written. I had outlined what type of illustrations I wanted and the whole thing ended up being 100 pages worth of ...
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Text size on images for pdf ebooks

I have designed an ebook using very specific formatting and graphics that need to be maintained. As such, I am converting the individual pages into image files, and then publishing the complete book ...
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How would i go about censoring adult language in my book for school?

I'm making a book just for fun, but I'm using a device provided by my school. I (a 12-year-old male) am writing a book with some curse words in it. Later I got an Email from my district, it was ...
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Pictures in my book

I have recently been diagnosed with ALS. I was keeping a journal on the CaringBridge site, and I got enough feedback about it that I have decided to turn it into a book. I have added memories of my ...
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3 answers

Author and Illustration owner

I paid an illustrator to do the art for my picture book and I now own the artwork. Am I then allowed to submit to agents as an author/illustrator? How does this work?
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2 answers

Simultaneous querying to publishers and agents

I am a first-time author, and a few months ago I completed a picture book manuscript. After completing the manuscript, I had it professionally edited. I also completed a query letter, which was ...
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How possible is it to publish a sequel with a different publisher than the original (successfully)?

How possible is it to publish a sequel with a different publisher than the original (successfully)? Does the genre matter? Such as science fiction, fantasy, mysteries or picture books? I would ...
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2 answers

Multiple Books in a Single Query

I recently decided to make a long delayed return to a genre where I had early publishing success, upper-level picture books. Given that I now have school-aged children, I have a number of stories ...
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