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Questions tagged [paper]

This tag should be used for questions about the material that comprises the pages of most physical books. Questions about the term "paper" as in "published scientific or academic paper" should be tagged [academic-writing] instead.

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How to detect if a research team is outsourcing writing to increase paper publishing?

I have suspicions of a situation where a Computational Science research group is using paid writing services (outsourcing, using AI or human services) to increase their publication ratio in scientific ...
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Which options for self-publish large book with Print on demand, bible paper and hardcover?

I want to publish one book with about 1,200 pages. We are talking about a book for daily use My requirements are: Print on demand (POD) paper of "bible" type (to avoid a book with a too ...
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Writing Style Guides

I am a college student and I find myself writing more essays, citing sources, and formatting papers according to their style guides (APA,MLA,...). However I found that most style guides are updated ...
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Translation as a Master’s lthesis

Hi I am on final semester of my Master’s programme in Islamic Finance and my supervisor suggested me to translate one of his book from Arabic to English as my thesis. I wonder does translation counts ...
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Need advice on paper quality

I have a prized e-book which I am submitting to a website for printing and subsequent courier. The website is asking me to select the quality of paper. I would like the book to remain more or less ...
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Customizable notebook printing?

I have only been able to find lined notebooks with big spacing between the lines (8mm). I would like to have very tiny spacing (3 or even 2mm). I haven't been able to find them. Also, I'd like to ...
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How to identify paper which will blot fountain pen ink?

These days, with fewer people using a fountain pen to write, many notebooks/paper you find blotting the ink. If I am at a store and contemplating to buy a notebook or writing/printing paper, how can ...
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What paper stock should I use for the soft cover of my book?

I do soft cover books and laminate the top side, and therein lies the problem. The cover keeps curling up too much. I have tried Ningbo 350gsm which works perfect except that now it's too stiff and ...
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What is useful about writing software?

Okay, so every 5 minutes I see a question uploaded to this site about writing software. What is writing software? Why don't you just plan on paper? I find it much easier to write out all of my muddled ...
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What is the quality (specifically acidity) of FSC paper?

I am trying to establish the acidity of paper produced with the FSC labels and any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I am interested in figuring out the lifetime and decay of this ...
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What kind of paper do novels use and why?

I have a couple of translated Japanese light novels from Seven Seas, and the paper used feels different and is a darker color that that of the white office paper that I am commonly exposed to. I also ...
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Advice on writing a research paper [closed]

I am a math major who hasn't written a research paper in 6 years, and I need some help. I have to write two thesis statements, and have both written, but I'm not sure they're right. I also must state ...
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Comparison for something that's 251 million tons [closed]

I'm sorry this isn't directly about writing but I don't know where I'd for this kind of question. I'm writing a paper and I'm trying to come up with a comparison that can tell my audience, to give ...
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What is the meaning of a cancelled publication in conference? [closed]

In this this link, I see a cancelled publication (there is a horizontal line on its name): Methods for Mining and Summarizing Text Conversations. What does it mean? I would like to find this article. ...
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How to handle multiple notebooks?

For the last 15 years I'm keeping some kind of writer's notebook. Everything I come across, and is seemingly important, goes into the notebook: Ideas Conversations Writings (primarily on the road) ...
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When writing on paper, how do you move things about?

I am amazed thinking how people used to write before the computer ever came about. Before that, everyone was forced to write on paper. I'd very much like to write on paper but my ideas come in a ...
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