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Questions tagged [non-fiction]

Non-fiction is a form of prose writing that factually describes real events and people, sometimes offering additional commentary. This tag should be used for any questions relating to non-fiction, including non-fiction formatting and technique, non-fiction critiques, and the publishing of non-fiction.

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Rights Clearance for Self-Publishers

Asking a lawyer to vet a book would be very expensive. Someone told me a better option is to hire a firm that specializes in reviewing books for intellectual problems, publicity rights, defamation, ...
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Is there a standard style for writing chapter notes in a non-fiction book manuscript?

I am trying to find a standard style for writing chapter notes in a non-academic non-fiction book as per the image below. Is there an online resource where I can find an appropriate style guide for ...
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Are there better chances of being more credible by a grantor if you write about yourself in the third person?

I was told that because I have a good eye for detail, I could do reasonably well as a grantwriter for several nonprofit organisations. I have previously applied for personal grants by writing about ...
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Historical vs. present self-classifications when writing about LGBTQ+ history

I'm writing a short summary of LGBTQ+ history focusing on the lead up to the Stonewall Uprising, the event itself, and the first Pride march. I understand how to respectfully discuss LGBTQ+ people ...
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How should I structure a small non-fiction book/paper about a groundbreaking product/invention?

I want to write a book/paper about an invention I have thought and developed conceptually. But I'm really struggling on what I should include in it and how to structure the information. Any ...
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