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Questions tagged [myers-briggs-type-indicator]

This tag should be used for questions about using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in your writing, for example to better classify the personality of your characters and to write decisions that people with their character traits would be more likely to make in reality.

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1 answer

Help me understand my main character better to easier get inside their head

My main character is an ISF. I'm not using their MBTI character type to dictate their entire personality as I understand that all people are complex but when I'm creating a new character I like to ...
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Using a known personality model identifier in my fictional writing? Is it legal/frowned upon?

So I am writing a story where the magic system is based off of personality traits of the individual. I would like to base it off of something like the Big Five model or the Myers-Briggs model or even ...
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15 votes
9 answers

Using Myers–Briggs as a guide for character development?

Edit: I looked at What are some ways to get to know your characters? and while I noticed similarities, I think that question asks in broader terms about what tools can be used for developing ...
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6 answers

How to tell a story with the least amount of writing?

I love to invent stories and come up with ideas, but I don't have the patience to fill out all the details that is usually a part of a novel. (For those of you familiar with Myers-Briggs or Jungian ...
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20 votes
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What are some ways to get to know your characters?

For example, I have recently taken to analyzing all my characters within the scope of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I already had my characters in place; I just used this test as a tool to get in ...
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Is discovery or outline writing connected to personality type (e.g. MBTI)?

I'm on a bit of a Myers-Briggs spree at the moment (which is dangerous, because it is so easy to read way more into it than you are supposed to). For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is ...
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