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Why do most authors shed their LitRPG elements as the stories go? Is it a genre convention?

In almost all the LitRPG stories I read, the start of the stories is full of system messages, +1 here and there, even damage prompts saying "Goblin hits Hero for -8 HP". Classes, skills, experience ...
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Are there any set rules to creating a story with audience participation?

I have recently grown interested in the idea of writing a litRPG novel where each two days I will publish a chapter describing a single day of the main character and at the end of the day the readers ...
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Where can I find resources about writing a litRPG book?

Where can I find (preferably free) online resources, such as How-To-Write or styleguide articles and blogs, about writing a litRPG book? LitRPG, or Literary Role Playing Game, books combine elements ...
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How to design a skill system for a litRPG book? [closed]

I have been interested in writing a litrpg book with the skill systems functioning as a path system that progresses on one direction as you work hard and each skill will have a rank that determines ...