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A short novel with occasional full-page illustrations popularized in Japan, aimed at young adult readers, often using manga/anime-style artwork and YA themes. Not to be confused with graphic novels or comics.

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Would light novels be considered with short story elements?

I'm just unsure if light novels are considered to have short story elements, even though I'm noticing one relevant theme (The Environment) from a light novel-based game. Fantasy is prevalent in it, ...
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What is the typical mood and style of light novels?

My friend has asked me to give feedback on a light novel that he's writing, and I've been clueless on how to proceed. I'm an avid reader of non-fiction, and although I don't read much fiction anymore, ...
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I'm writing a book [closed]

I recently quit my job and now I'm bored at home with nothing to do. So, I decided to write a book. There is an phone app I can upload it on... I want the main character to be a woman in her 20s. ...
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Is it alright for a English YA novel to have anime illustration?

In the beginning, I want write and self publish (or traditionally publish if possible) a original English light novel (OELN). But The more write and the more I study on how to be a professional writer ...
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Do I need less exposition if I'm going to add images?

So, I'm trying to write something called a light novel, which is a Japanese-type of writing. It's a novel, but spaced throughout different chapters, there are manga-style images, as well as full-color ...
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Complicated time jump allowed in a light novel?

Would it be totally wrong to make a few characters in your light novel time jump/travel whilist some other characters stay in the same period of time? How would you guys take on this challange? Would ...
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Is describing the scenery important in unfamiliar places?

I'm writing a futuristic light novel, in which the world looks really different than the world we're used to and thus I feel like I have to describe every single detail. However I won't really have ...
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What is a "light novel" and how does it differ from a novella?

My friend has sent me a work to critique which he hopes to make into a light novel. I've never heard of this type of story before and a quick Google didn't give me much context about how it differs ...
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