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Can I change my name after publishing? Do publishers take poorly to it?

I just published my first childrens book under my chosen name. However, I am gender queer which is why I have a chosen name and I thought publishing under it was the right thing for me but now that it’...
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Historical vs. present self-classifications when writing about LGBTQ+ history

I'm writing a short summary of LGBTQ+ history focusing on the lead up to the Stonewall Uprising, the event itself, and the first Pride march. I understand how to respectfully discuss LGBTQ+ people ...
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How can I put a short-term LGBTQ romance in a restricted environment?

In my epic fantasy tale, there is a small romantic sideplot. When the main group reaches a kingdom for work, the deutertagonist, while starting off as bitter, begins to develop feelings for the ...
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Why is it wrong to have your LGBT character find a love interest as soon as possible in your story if, in your setting, people are not LGBT-friendly?

I was watching some video about how to write LGBT characters and I was told that it's wrong to have your LGBT character magically find a LGBT love interest. However, my particular problem is that the ...
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