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LaTeX is a macro package implemented on Donald Knuth's TeX programming language and is used primarily for creating high quality written documents. Note that is specifically dedicated to LaTeX questions (and TeX, and other related technologies).

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Do LaTeX and Word measure linespace differently?

I wrote an essay in university. The guide said to use linespace 1.5. The example was written in Microsoft Word. I wrote my essay in LaTeX. I used the command \onehalfspacing. I got feedback that my ...
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LaTeX as alternative to Scribus for large text books

I want to publish multiple large text books, each one about 480 pages long, this is print on demand (POD) on IngramSpark. The content is basically text and a few black and white images. Another ...
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Citing both a paper's draft and published version in Chicago style

Summary: I have a draft of a paper and its later published version. I correctly cite the published version, but I want to know `how I can add a citation to the draft version(?)' in Chicago style. See ...
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ShareLaTeX or OverLeaf templates to write a book to be self-published on Amazon

I'm planning to write a book and eventually self-publish it online through Amazon (I haven't decided which platform on Amazon yet, but Kindle seems reasonable). The book will contain mostly texts, but ...
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Should a table of contents be followed by a pagebreak

I'm writing a report on a java program for school. Should I put a pagebreak after the table of contents so as to start the new chapter in a new page?
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Can I use LaTeX in a fictional code-weaving?

I'm working on a magic system that works with weaving types of power. The most commonly used power source is a magical code. I'm trying to base this code off of latex. LaTeX is a math code that is ...
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Simultaneous Bilingual Writing

I have recently undertaken a personal project to translate my WIP novel into Japanese in parallel with writing it. I am managing both in LaTeX and editing them in vim, but the topic itself is too ...
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About the Scope of Sections and Paragraphs

Consider a document structure like this: 1. First-Level-Heading Some text to give an overview about what I want to tell in this chapter. In LaTeX, this heading would be produced using the \section-...
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Bachelor thesis indentation

Are there any rules for proper indentation in thesis? I am physicist so my thesis includes number of images and equations. Now I think you should not indent first paragraph after: Title of chapter,...
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For a single author writing short stories in LaTeX, is it worthwhile to switch to a "real" version control system from Dropbox?

I'm currently using Dropbox to sync and backup my stories (which are generally in LaTeX). However, I've read that it's probably a better idea to switch to a "real" version control system, especially ...
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Diagram wider than text width

In a math book, is it OK to have a diagram wider than text width (so overriding the margins)? Also, how do I center a wide figure so that it occupies both the left margin and the right margin (not ...
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Disable Auto-Enumeration on Export to tex in Scrivener

I use Scrivener to write almost anything and recently got into writing Tex for University submissions and papers. Recently I hit the problem that most Exercise Sheet for my University are numbered ...
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What's a good LaTeX template for self-publishing a short children's book?

The trick is that the book is in three languages... layout becomes tricky fast. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Do publishers use LaTeX to produce books for the blind?

What software tools do publishers use to produce books for the blind, i.e. containing embossed Braille? Is LaTeX one of them? There is a braille LaTeX package, which can be used to print Braille, but ...
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Typography of page numbers

I regularly write texts in LaTeX. Its book class places page numbers on pages of normal text but not on chapter-starting pages. Some books use roman letters in the beginning, and I was criticised by ...
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What non-WYSIWYG, non-proprietary alternatives to (La)TeX exist for the humanities, journalism, and other non-technical disciplines?

I see all over the web that LaTeX specializes in correct presentation of mathematical formulas, used widely in science, engineering, math, and other highly technical fields. I would like to have ...
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Indentation, paragraph spacing, when?

What are the proper rules for indentation in text? When should there be larger spaces separating paragraphs? In this particular example, I am writing a math book, so there are several different "...
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Using LaTeX with publishers?

Background: Im working on a rather long instructional book, and have just started trying to use LaTeX. The book doesn't have any scientific notation in it, and most of the diagrams I made in other ...
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LaTex vs. Word vs. etc [closed]

I'm a student and I write many labs, reports, letters, and fun little things. I use Latex for school because I don't have to worry about formatting, i.e, its like "programming" my paper and can scale ...
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Bibliography entry for a paper presented to a workshop

I'm using bibtex to create a bibliography with xelatex. I have to cite a paper presented to a workshop, but not published on a book or proceedings. What @misc fields can I use?
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Technical Writing Software

I'm interested in newer software/software stack to use in writing technical papers. For the longest time I have been use LaTeX to handle this but in looking at getting longer pieces published, such as ...
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LaTex + version control writing package

This should be probably cross-posted to However, since my question is more oriented towards writers who also have a firm grasp of technology, I'm posting it here in hopes of ...
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Do Writers Use LaTex/TeX for writing?

I'm quite interested in the LaTex/TeX system and am wondering if any other fellow writers use it frequently to write in.
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