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Questions tagged [labels]

This tag should be used for questions that refer to labels or titles that you give your characters in your work, such as when a character is never referred to by their name but for example by their heritage, size or one of his character traits.

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3 answers

Is it okay to use mythology names of creatures in a fantasy world?

In creating my world, I am trying to write down and create mythical wildlife and monsters. I had been thinking of using sirens as one of them. Not a creature based off of them, but the actual Greek ...
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In a Novel, What is the Proper Way to Refer to a Group by Their Self-Styled Label?

In a novel, what is the proper way in US English to refer to a group by the character's self-styled label? For example: In a novel, assume a group of software coders are working on an extremely ...
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3 votes
3 answers

When Choosing Labels/titles for Characters instead of their names

This is probably a repeat of a previous question, but I have a slightly different problem when writing. I don't always want to refer to characters by their names (if I do, then I run into problems ...
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