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What to use for internal thoughts, single quotes or italics?

When writing internal thoughts within a larger body of text, is it more correct to write it like ... 'She's totally lying.' ... or ... She's totally lying....
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How would the "one good member" of an evil organization/culture see themselves?

I have a character that is the stereotypical "token good member of an evil organization". The organization is a brutal social darwinist one that sees nothing wrong with killing people and ...
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How to externalise internal thoughts better?

I've been watching a lot of Krzysztof Kieślowski movies lately, especially Decalogue, and I've noticed how adept he is at using visuals to externalise the inner ideas of his characters. How can I ...
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Writing a third person limited protagonist without any inner dialogue

I want to write a protagonist that thinks as I do; that is to say, without any inner monologue. I don't even think in images either. It's just abstract thoughts for me. If a place reminds me of my ...
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Is it good practice to use himself/herself when tagging quoted text

In many ways, this question follows on from one I had asked here just two days ago. When writing internal monologues I often end up using the '...self' tag. For instance "--- ... ---," she ...
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Any tips on writing character's thoughts?

I find that in pauses between action and dialogue, my character's thoughts really don't seem realistic. I think I tend to mostly write questions for my character's thoughts. I also don't know if I'm ...
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Characters inner thoughts made others mad?

I have this overall "good" and polite character. He helps everyone in need and is very much raised to be like a posh-like Victorian gentleman. The thing is, he keeps his "negative" ...
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2 answers

Guy's POV when falling in love. Too much, not enough?

Half of my story is told from (1st person) male POV and he falls in love with the leader of a rebellion he's meant to be undercover investigating and trying to stop. He slowly comes round to join the ...
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How to format italicized internal thoughts intermixed with other text?

I'm writing a story in the 3rd person, but there are parts where I use italicized text in the 1st person to tell what the protagonist is thinking. This works pretty well most of the time, but there ...
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How to convert indirect thought to film voiceover without it sounding contrived?

I am trying to convert a fiction book into a film script. The book uses third-person past tense narration that switches between several characters from chapter to chapter and thus is always from a ...
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Internal thoughts or just narration?

I'm struggling with my thoughts about what I see as a dichotomy. Basically, I'm not sure when started, but emulating some novels I read, I started using mainly narration to describing the thoughts and ...
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