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Am I legally allowed to expand someone else's short story into a novel?

For years I told a short story in my kindergarten classroom. It was written and freely shared by the writer. I rewrote the short story (2-3 pages) into a middle grade chapter book, expanding the plot, ...
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Does having some same characteristics invoke copyright?

I want to make a manga. The complex story uses characters from toys that I played with as a child. These characters were Legos and not rendered in 2D. And, I mixed some parts of their body so they ...
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2 answers

Has the idea for my story already been taken?

I want to write a story about a place called Kingdom Come, where you can come in but you cannot go (i.e. you are not allowed to leave). Has this idea already been taken? It really sounds like the sort ...
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2 answers

What really is considered as plagiarism?

I am currently writing a novel which I noticed is based on ideas from many books that I have read. I noticed that what did I do is get an idea from a book, get another ideas from (many) other books, ...
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3 answers

Using ideas posted on social media: is it ok?

I have a question about copyrighting. I was scrolling through tumblr the other day and someone had posted an idea that said something about people seeing in black and white until they meet their ...
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2 answers

At what point is one stealing from Lovecraftian fiction?

To provide an example of my question, consider how certain beings are carried over to different authors. Hastur was made by Ambrose Bierce, and referenced by Lovecraft, and used by August Derleth. In ...