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This tag should be used for questions about headlines in your writing, such as how to phrase a headline for a news paper article or how to format your headline in your academic writing.

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Why might a news organization use demonyms for some countries ("German military") and noun forms for others ("China state banks")?

This is surely some style guide thing, but I'll link and excerpt six Reuters headlines: "Pakistan military rescues..." "Pakistan crowd vandalizes..." "China state banks...&...
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Interrogative section headings are fine in a tech business blog?

I have a feeling that I overuse questioned headings in my writings about tech and business issues. I don't want to give examples of texts but, believe me, I use (or want to use) it very frequently ...
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How to name sections containing only source code in appendix?

I am writing on my thesis, containing a lot of implementations. Due to readability, I locate all my source code in the Appendix. Is there a style guide on how to name these sections in the Appendix? ...
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Case study headings

I'm going to be preparing several case studies for my company and I'm pondering what patterns to use for headings—both the case study title and headings within a case study. I'd like the reader to: ...
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How to avoid stacking headings in documentation, theses etc [duplicate]

I very often come into situations where I either stack headings, i.e. I have headings with no content, or where I write some content under a heading just for the sake of it not being empty. ...
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When should headers be used in writing?

When I ask the Should I use hypophoras at the beginning of every paragraphs? question, Lauren Ipsum suggests me to organize things with headers while Kristina Adams advises me to avoid headers in ...
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Capitalizing "The" in Title Case - Increases Engagement?

I regularly write advertisements for a client who insists that capitalizing "the" improves conversion rates (the number of people that click or buy). I know that it's technically wrong and it drives ...
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Can a good headline contain a pronoun?

My criteria for 'good' here is "not linkbait" I'd like to avoid all kinds of useless linkbait articles in my various social feeds, ("This guy does blah...", "She comes on stage and smeh...") and it ...
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Are headlines about lists superior in print as they are in web content?

A common tactic for capturing attention is using a headline N something for something For example on Copyblogger some headlines: 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work The 5 Things Every (...
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How should I capitalise headlines for professional Web writing? (Sentence case vs title case)

I'm often uncertain about how I should capitalise headlines for professional writing on the Web. The two options I'm talking about are: Just capitalise the first word and any other words that would ...
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