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This tag should be used for questions about the [software] "Google Docs" from the company Google and how you can achieve something with this software.

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Alternative sites to Google Docs

I'm looking for websites that let me write and store my stories online, so I can keep developing them no matter where I go. (Because of my devices specs, sadly Dropbox — and similar options that need ...
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Way to create an interactive dictionary for Google Docs?

I'm using Google Docs to both write a story and to create a dictionary of sorts for ease of writing. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can either have a word suggestion box pop up on Google Docs ...
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How do you make page numbers in Google Docs? [closed]

I really need to know how to make the page numbers in Google Docs look like a real book. I know how to do the page numbers, but how do you do them half on the right side and half on the left (like an ...
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Can Google Docs be used for technical product documentation?

My company is hiring a contract technical writer to improve our product's documentation. As the maintainer, I'm currently using Google Docs, and very happy with it's collaborative nature (multiple ...
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