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This tag should be used for typical goals that a writer could set for themselves, for example to become better in their hobby or profession, or for the goals a character might set for themselves.

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Why does all scene writing advice insist on the scene lead having a clear goal when this is often not practiced in bestsellers?

I've been reading a lot of books on scene writing. One thing in common--found in every single book--is that the main character in the scene should have a goal. That goal should be made obvious as ...
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An essay on Career Goals

I have to write an essay on career goals. I am applying for a Master's program. Do I start from the basic as to why I chose the subject and how and what do I intend to do after the master's ...
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Too Many Goals?

Not unsimilar to myself, my protagonist potentially has too many goals. He's isn't a likeable character (which is how I intended him) so to keep reader interest, I would like them to become invested ...
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In a branching mystery, should branches be "self-correcting" or follow the impulse of the reader?

A mystery with 3 subplots I'm writing a branching mystery novel. It's more Raymond Chandler than Agatha Christie: the mystery is a driver-of-plot rather than a puzzle for the reader to solve. ...
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Multiple POV's: Am I in over my head?

Wondering if anyone with great wisdom can help me... I have 2 problems really that have pretty much stopped me writing anything decent for a few weeks. I'm on my first ever novel and have no ...
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How can I figure out my main character's overall goal?

I'm currently brainstorming a fantasy story, and I love the idea of my main character, but I'm having a hard time pinning down who she is as a person. I know her backstory, her family, her abilities, ...
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Are plot twists always necessary for a good story?

In the story I'm writing, the protagonist writes a representational story about himself and about the fulfillment of his wish impossible in his reality. Such wish is the sub-protagonist's main goal, ...
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Do writing goals really work--what are the pros and cons?

I know a lot of people strongly believe in having writing goals. In addition to daily writing goals, some people will have date specific target goals to ensure they finish by a specific time. Do ...
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Critique of short essay [closed]

Basically I need some critics regarding the following points: Does this description essay archive its goal (a creepy story with a 'sappy' ending)? How is the 'rhythm' of the story (is there sometimes ...
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How do you meet a writing quota?

As a parent with a full-time job, I usually have a limited amount of time to write each day. What are some tricks I can try to reach a specific word count in a specific time (e.g. 500 words in an ...
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How much planning should go on before beginning writing?

I really want to begin my first novel, but I'm just not sure how clear of an outline I should have before I start. Is a detailed synopsis of each chapter really necessary, or is it enough to just go ...
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What is a good daily word count goal?

As a NaNoWriMo participant, I've been trying to meet a rather ambitious 1667 word/day goal. I've heard that professionals do a lot less, but the first two days of this month, I actually wrote 5000 ...
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