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This tag should be used for questions about ghostwriting, such as how to present your work to others.

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Which English writer community website to give the free feedback on a writing content?

I'm interested in becoming an associate ghostwriter/semi-writer as part of freelance work. So, I want to find a group of English writers (online community) to review a writing content and give me the ...
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seeking advice - screenwriter looking to write novel

All. I'm looking for some advice. I'm interested in writing a young adult mystery novel, but I don't believe I'm a good writer in the traditional sense. My background is in screenwriting, so my ...
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Is it illegal to provide samples from previous published work?

I am a ghostwriter and I am currently looking for a new job. I have come across an article writing career. I am currently in the process of filling out an application and one of the questions asks me ...
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How do I price the ghostwriting of a memoir?

I'm a professional writer, but I've never written a memoir. I've been asked to submit a proposal to ghostwrite a memoir. The person whose memoir I would write knows I've not written a memoir before, ...
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Are there fiction ghostwriters who have gone on to become successful writers in their own right?

I currently freelance as a ghostwriter. Are there any other ghostwriters who have had any success?
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What is the best website to write or just simply put your feelings and publish it? [closed]

What I want on that day is to gain knowledge nothing more nothing less and I have it. The people We met in that way gave us an inspirations; being strong, to be loved and felt being a useless. We ...
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How do I display articles I wrote in someone else's name in my portfolio?

During my pregnancy, I'd quit my job as a tutor. However, I wrote articles for my sister, who was working as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator. Now that I want to start applying for jobs, I ...
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For seasoned ghostwriters -- What would YOU charge?

I'm preparing to put together a proposal for a client in order for me to ghostwrite a biography for him. I've written (and published) a few books and screenplays of my own, as well as conducted many ...
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As a ghostwriter, can I edit my author's Scrivener file?

Has anyone had experience editing someone's private Scrivener files from offsite? Or, can you conceptualize what I'm asking here and see a solution from your experience with the scrivener tool? Thank ...
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Is a ghost writer an honorable professional, or a hack? [closed]

David Jacoby writes: “Some of the best and most rewarding writing I’ve done has been ghost, because (in my case, anyway) the LACK of a byline allows my normally rather, ahem, obnoxious ego to take a ...
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How much work does a (nonfiction) ghostwriter typically do?

I just finished the charming short memoir from actor Cary Elwes, As You Wish, about his experiences while filming The Princess Bride. The voice sounds very much like Elwes, but the cover clearly says "...
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How do I find a ghostwriter for a series of books?

Where do I find ghost writers? It's for a series I am developing for the Kindle singles series, also to be combined and sold as novels. Word count will be 5k - 20k - I am interested in splitting ...
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What to include in agreement with a Ghost Writer. .

I am exploring engaging a Ghost writer to partner with me on the development of a non-fiction (well, mostly) business book. What are the critical elements of the agreement that need to be included?
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