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Questions about writing in specific genres, such as science fiction, or about genres in general.

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Tips for writing a contemporary story

I have a couple ideas for an upcoming novella that I am writing - one that I am quite excited about happens to fit into the contemporary fiction category. I don't consider myself to be a contemporary ...
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"Find out my secret" Mystery Challenge TROPE Name

I'm looking for the name of a trope or mystery subgenre. The antagonist has a secret and they challenge the main character to find it. If I have the trope name, it will be much easier to research ...
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What is the sub-genre/trope of the characters in a multi-POV story all coalescing in violent mayhem called?

Imagine your typical multi-POV story, with an urban setting and within the action genre, boasting a lot of not-so-upstanding citizens for characters. These characters are spread about, some with ...
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Can there be fan fiction of a public domain universe?

Fan fiction generally occupies a gray area of the law - widely tolerated under "fair use" for noncommercial sharing, publication, and performance, but almost never acceptable for profiting ...
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