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This tag should be used for questions about a foreword, which is a piece of writing that comes before the main work and is often written by someone else than the author of the book. This is the main difference between [forewords] and [prologues].

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What do I call an introductory section written by myself (not the author)

I am putting together an electronic version of a book written by my grandfather about his service in the middle east in WW1. The other grandchildren and I have transcribed the text from scanned ...
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Name for introductory section about the author

What is an appropriate title for an introductory section where I introduce myself, the author? I'm writing a series of short educational web books for learning to do web development, and I want to ...
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Can an essay have a preface?

I'm writing a multi-faceted essay that will fill multiple pages (I suppose that it could be considered a collage of essays that build on each other to support one larger theme). This is something I've ...
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Author's notes: yay or nay?

Should a writer include author's notes in their book that either express thanks to the reader or provide background information on the book itself? If so, should these be at the front of the book or ...
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