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Ligatures in modern novels - A Publishers perspective?

A reading a modern paperback book on Amazon I came across this: As I was reading, I had to look twice at the words "fist" and "fire," but sure enough, the print was not an "f&...
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How do I decide the font and font size of my ebook?

I am self-publishing my ebook on my own website. I currently have the manuscript in MS word. Now, for the final publication in PDF format how do I decide upon the font and font size of the book ...
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Font sizes for bullet points

Is it necessary that in a bullet point list, the font size of the bullet points should be the same as the fonts in the introductory sentence of the bullet list? For example, in the following bullet ...
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Do I have to attribute Apache font license when using it for e-book and print book?

I'm currently in the process of writing a book, and I'm using mostly OFL fonts in it, but I also find some Apache licensed fonts very attractive and would like to use them. The condition for using ...
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The history of italics for emphasis

For printed texts I understand that italics is often used for emphasis. For traditional handwriting, is/was it also a common practise to do the same? If not, what is the history behind this innovation ...
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Self publish with Hebrew fonts

I am trying to self-publish my master's thesis which contains a decent bit of Hebrew. So far, I have tried Kindle Create, Vellum, and Apple Books for Authors, none of which seem to allow Hebrew fonts. ...
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What is a good font to use for a literary magazine? [closed]

I'm working on some literary translations. I want to use a proper font for my work, but it is a little out of my area of expertise. In the past I've always just kept the default Calibri font and never ...
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