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Questions tagged [flow]

This tag should be used for questions about the so-called flow of a literary work. This includes the flow of sentences because of difficult words and the flow of the overall plot because of interruptions, like chapters that are mainly for exposition than advancing the story.

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30 votes
11 answers

Is it wrong to use the same word multiple times within a few sentences?

I have been told before that when describing things in writing I should use different words, and not to repeat myself so it doesn't become redundant, but sometimes there are no other words that work ...
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22 votes
12 answers

How can I make a character who isn't a jerk seem like one?

I have an MC who, because of certain circumstances, everyone sees him as harsh and cruel at first. As they get to know him through the first few chapters, they eventually see he's nicer than they ...
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11 votes
7 answers

Intentionally leaving out a part of the story, for a more interesting reveal?

In the story I am writing, I have a character who is working on a project and will present it to a group of judges who will mark it in a sort of examination. The project is a source of stress for the ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Rules of Harmony

When writing prose, I noticed that certain words flow smoothly when placed next to others, while other words do not, but I can never be too sure exactly how smoothly they flow, or whether my cadence ...
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