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Questions tagged [editing]

Editing is the act of improving a piece of writing. Questions with this tag should focus on specific editing techniques or ways to improve editing skills. Critiques or proofreading questions are off-topic here.

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Scrivener, footnotes are missing/misformated when compiling to PDF (Windows 3; V3.0)

I'm creating a novel in Scrivener 3.0 that makes heavy use of footnotes. In recent compile tests on a chapter, I'm finding that on one page the footnotes are being displayed laid on top of the text at ...
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I am seeking for a partner to finish a fictional story. Where can I find somebody to work with me?

I have written a fictional novel of about 40,000 words with a very bad translation to English. I need someone to expand it with 30,000 more words to reach 70,000 and become a partner with me for ...
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How do you format a song when it's part of a larger spoken piece?

I'm editing a children's book which includes songs. I usually format the songs as a block quote in a slightly smaller type size and centred on the longest line. However, I've just come to a song that ...
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Text Appearing Between the Lines in Scrivener

I have been editing scrivener across devices, and when I edit text across multiple devices, the text appears midway between the lines. I can find no way to prevent this from happening in the first ...
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Converting a custom footnote to a continuous numbered footnote list

I have some footnotes that I am editing (on a Mac), which have cross-references to the footnote (so copying and pasting the footnote text into a newly inserted footnote is not really an option). How ...
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professional email help

I'm a new writer dealing with a publishing house. It's been a couple of months since we last exchanged an email about edits. I'm thinking that we are towards the end period and getting ready for a ...
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Comma placement in form "this occurs...this is what results"

This paradox results from a psychological alliance that forms between captor and captive leading to emotional bonding that is hard to break. My knee-jerk instinct is to add a comma after "...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Final Draft to change an element into a dialogue?

In Final Draft, when I paste in text into the editor, it defaults to an action. If I select the text or put my cursor on a spot in the text, I can go to the menu and choose "Format > Change ...
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Should this sentence use "might be" or "might have been"?

I am writing about a woman who has found an anonymous parcel on her desk, and she is talking to her colleague to find out who might have sent it... The novel is written in past tense, and I am not ...
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