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Questions regarding the writing of any kind of technical documentation. For software-documentation and api-documentation related questions, see the aforementioned tags.

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2 answers

Preferred word for "preferred", "target", "chosen" in end user support documentation

I'm having trouble finding and sticking to one word to indicate whatever value the user intends to use with my instructions. For example: Select your preferred printer. I'm wondering what ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How to include external references when writing internal documentation?

In the IT industry, we often write a lot of technical documentation meant for internal use only. Those documents are often stored in an internal wiki and accessed when the need arises. The content ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is it a good idea to use Git for document management of technical documentation?

I have compiled the technical documentation for a physical product. It includes documents like user manuals, technical descriptions, maintenance instructions, etc. I have decided that all these ...
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What are the recommended sizes for a text box?

If I am making a text box for an online document, how many characters should I leave for things like names and dates?
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Database documentation verb choice: If "fieldname" has/contains/is/displays

I'm trying to find the right verb for database documentation. I have to write a lot of these and it is very long; so I am working for a consistent and reusable way to phrase this. What I have now: ...
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