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Questions tagged [dialogue]

He said, she said, or what your characters are saying.

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Selectively mute character where language is a barrier

I have a mc that speaks only mandarin and is taken in by pirates that are mostly English speakers. He didn't speak much before being taken by them. So how would I write a character that is basically ...
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Em-dashes and interrupting one's own dialogue within the same quote

I am looking for an example of a specific dialogue interruption case. I've been putting a following space my entire life, an editor just told me it doesn't belong, neither of us can cite a guide ...
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How to convey the voice of an entity that fluidly switches from a single mind to multiple minds?

I am writing a sci-fi story. One of the character(s) is an intelligent fungus that spreads throughout an exoplanet as, biologically, a single individual. My sources of inspiration for this character ...
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Am I overdoing it with the em dashes here?

I wrote two versions of the last paragraph for my scene (I included additional context since it also has an em dash). I need help deciding if the second version has too many em dashes and if I should ...
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How to provide translations, moods, and registry in multilanguage dialog within an narration in English?

I am starting a serious writing project (a novel book from a story I once drafted as a TV show; I am not a script writer either). Furthermore I decided to write in English, which is not my native ...
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Need help in figuring out how to write dialogue as if my mouth was full (+18)

I saw a similar question, but it didn't really have the answer I was seeking and it wasn't concerned with the same thing — sucking someone, thus the full mouth. I saw an answer there that suggests ...
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Information dumping in the first few chapters?

Is it a good idea to do this? I just started writing and I dislike dialogue heavy texts so I have grown to write moderately descriptive stories instead; people have, however, told me that I should not ...
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Type of dialogues?

I was writing a short story about characters. I have a problem with the dialogue style I wrote it in. It is like this: Karan: Hey Piyush! How are you? Piyush: Hey, I'm good. What about you? Karan: I ...
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How do you properly write a novel with very little dialogues?

How do you properly write a novel with very little dialogues? I tried doing it and it reads awful. It looks weird if you look at the format and layout if you don't insure the descriptive parts don't ...
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Are there any particularly easy dialects with which to spice up my bit characters?

I want to spice up some of my bit characters, the folk who only appear for a scene or two and fulfil one purpose. One way of making them more memorable is to have them speak an English dialect, ...
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