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This tag should be used for questions about representing or using data in your writing, such as where to put your data in an academic paper or how much data you should present to the reader of your fantasy novel about your fictional world.

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Access to Single NPD BookScan Report: Is it possible? [duplicate]

I'm seeking assistance to obtain a single NPD BookScan report for one book. Direct access to a full license is beyond my current needs and budget. If anyone has access or knows a consultant who ...
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What's the best way to visually sort data about characters?

I have a couple of characters that I want to group together on multiple pages. Each could be about different information. Another example would be, with 1 page for each period of time. Year 1: Alive:...
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What is the proper format for filetype extensions in technical writing?

We are writing a collaborative paper that will include various examples of data types. When stating the data type file extension, how should it be presented? For example, "The platform will be ...
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Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go?

Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go, or just write first and make the needed changes while editing? My world exists in my mind, clear and palpable. but I am ...
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Where to put statistical signifance test results

I’m writing on my master thesis/dissertation and performed Chi-square tests to my check for statistical significance. I'll present the results of these tests in a table. Now I’m wondering if I should ...
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