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This tag should be used for questions about writing on a daily basis and the problems you are facing while trying to keep this schedule.

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5 votes
4 answers

How to write a diary and maintain it at a regular basis?

I always want to start writing and maintain my diary, in which I want to write what I am doing daily. But I am confused about what to include, how to start, and where to start. Please guide me or ...
1 vote
4 answers

Should I prefer writing a Hard diary or Soft diary?

I have never seriously written a diary before(not even tried casually). I am required to write a diary for my work as Intern and later report it. I think they would prefer a soft version but I can ...
4 votes
4 answers

Ways to speed up my writing to 15 - 20 pages a day

I am currently at 5 - 10 pages (250 words/page) a day. How to increase my speed to be able to write 15 - 20 a day?
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21 votes
6 answers

Best Way to Develop a Daily Writing Routine?

I would like to go about making a habit of writing to a journal or blog on a daily basis. What techniques or patterns have been the most useful in accomplishing this task?
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12 votes
6 answers

What is a good daily word count goal?

As a NaNoWriMo participant, I've been trying to meet a rather ambitious 1667 word/day goal. I've heard that professionals do a lot less, but the first two days of this month, I actually wrote 5000 ...
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