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This tag should be used for questions that are related to the genre of crime in writing, such as how to research the topic so that you will be able to write about it or how to present something to your reader such that they are not able to completely guess the outcome of your story.

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High tech crime [closed]

For a near-future cyberpunk story, what inventive crimes using high tech (not including hacking, ransomware, etc, as these already are too commonplace) already exist today? One thing that comes to my ...
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I may publish a true crime non-fiction book... who is legally responsible of the accussations? Author or publisher?

I run a small imprint about a niche topic (in fact, I use POD services, so it may not be considered an actual imprint/publisher), but I was approached by an author who is writing a book about an ...
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Is it morally wrong to use tragic historical events as character background/development?

I'm writing crime fiction. The current scenario is that I have a main character (late 20's) who is Algerian but the story is set in Chicago. He lives in the United States because, as a baby, he fled ...
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How to write a good coup d'état scene?

I'm writing a story with a coup d'état scene where a free nation's government is betrayed and supplanted by a new tyrannical government; and thus, I'd like to know how quality coup d'état scenes are ...
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What would be the real life equivalent of the drugs and syringes that make people pass out in movies and shows?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask. Problem: I'm writing a book with a scene where these two criminals are trying to kidnap someone, and the victim is fighting back. Criminal A is fighting ...
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Cleaning up a crime scene and its evidence

If a crime scene is cleaned up well, what possible evidence would still be found if they managed somehow to clean up the blood, discard the murder weapon, and hide the body? Is it possible for a ...
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How do I reveal the character identity from a first person point of view?

I am writing a book, and I'm trying to figure out how to reveal the main character's identity. It is a crime book set in modern day and is a story told in the perspective of a serial killer. I plan ...
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What should I do in this situation?

I get most of my ideas for my novels by watching anime, or listening to the anime op or just music - the idea doesn't always be related to anime but it gives me an idea and with music and anime op, I ...
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How do I go about writing a biographical account of my father? [closed]

I want to write a book involving the life of my father. He's been a political activist during his youth and the events that he narrates are worthy to be recorded. But I am confused as to what it ...
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What could the Antagonistic Force be in a Crime Mystery? [closed]

What could the Antagonistic Force be in a Crime Mystery/Police Procedural, where the culprit/murderer doesn't get revealed until nearer the end of the book? My instinct keeps saying that the murderer ...
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Can I use a small part of a real newspaper/online article in fiction?

Can I use a small part of a real newspaper/online article in fiction? Hi everyone I write crime fiction set in my home town, and in my latest novel, a kidnapped woman is left alone in a disused ...
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Opening chapter foreshadowing or not?

In my story, a homicide takes place. I want to describe this homicide at the start of the story, through the eyes of the victim, to foreshadow what's about to come. But victim and suspect are both ...
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Can a mystery novel have more than one mystery in it? And does it have to be a "who dunnit" concept?

I am writing a novel and it goes something like this: In the first half of the novel, the protagonist knows who is doing the killing, but they are trying to make sense of it as in "how are they doing ...
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What is the stereotypical structure of a crime narrative? [duplicate]

I have been wanting to start work on a short crime novel, but I am not sure how to structure the story- To elaborate, I have a number of scenes that i want to include but i am not sure how to make ...
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Who can advise me on how SWAT teams and commanders work?

I am working on a techno-thriller novel revolving about a hostage situation during a bank robbery. The twist is that the perpetrator is not present at the scene. He has sent a remote controlled robot ...
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Start writing literature without reading experience [closed]

I am a person who has neither read many literary works nor speaks English as a native language. For a while now, I have become interested in writing and would like to get better on it. Therefore, I ...
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Who Makes the Front Page Cover for a Novel?

I'm in the middle of writing a crime/thriller book on Microsoft Word 2010. But after writing it, do I have to make a front page cover? Or does the publisher do it for you?
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How to extrapolate a spectacular crime from everyday ones

I'm reading daily crime stories in newspapers, just to have an idea to write a detective story. But the crimes I read about aren't helpful to create a plot. I mean, they are really boring and all the ...
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how to elaborate a crime case [closed]

I would try to write something as Crime-Detective Story. I'm a beginner of this genre and the first obstacle I find is the "idea" of a crime. I mean, I don't know how to model a crime to make it ...
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What are the basic elements of a crime investigation story?

I've been delving a lot into the the crime investigation genre, and at first I thought "Simple, just start of with Who, What, Where, When, Why and How and you've got yourself a story!" but I quickly ...
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True Crime writing research: Where do you even begin?

I am in the beginning stages of writing my first book, and it is a true crime novel about something that happened down the street from my own home. My question is to anyone else who has written a non ...
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Third person multiple pov in a crime mystery

Fellow writers, I am plotting a crime mystery novel. I have the story and gist in place. It should have the "whodunit" element. I want to use Third person multiple pov narrative(more than 6+ povs). I'...
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Plot idea to make the murderer (involuntarily) reveal himself [closed]

I'm in need of an idea to advance my fictional crime plot where the protagonists of a larger (~30) group realize that the murderer (of a single murder) must be one of them, someone hiding in the group,...
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Where can one go to find police procedures

I'm writing a novel that involves a crime (in the USA) and need to know the proper police procedure and timeline for the events. Where can I find accurate information to help me? More specifics--A ...
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Good idea to describe the heist place before the heist begins?

I'm working on a heist scene where five thieves are supposed to enter a corporate building and steal a few documents. It's supposed to be a major scene so it won't be short. I need the readers to ...
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Is my serial-killer novel horror or crime?

I'm writing a novel which centers around a serial killer and his victims. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether it belongs in the horror genre (it's a disturbing, horrific slasher, and a lot of ...
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