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How do you write about someone carrying someone who broke their leg

So, I’m writing about a certain scene where they find that one of the side characters is hurt by bullies. I’ve tried to see if carrying bridal style would help, it didn’t help visually. Any ...
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5 answers

How to write a non-clichéd funeral scene/chapter?

I am dedicating a whole chapter for a funeral in a short story and there is no way to cancel it because that would leave a gap. Yet, almost every writing website warns about falling into a clichéd ...
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5 answers

What questions do you ask yourself to get inspiration?

A lot of writers talk about how you can't wait for inspiration to hit, you have to just sit down and write. That's fine and all, but I can't just sit down and write without a method to attack my ...
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How to come up with scene ideas?

I'm currently outlining my novel, and I'm having trouble coming up with scenes/situations to put my characters in. I've tried scene prompts but they don't work for me. Sometimes I will think of a ...
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How do I create interesting races, creatures, and monsters based off of Italian folklore?

So I am mapping out a story, and I came to a part where I needed races. I decided to base them off of Italian folklore, as interesting as it is. How could I create creatures, races, and monsters based ...
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Should I write a book with third person perspective or first person perspective?

I am new to writing and I am starting my first novel which is a love story in 3rd person POV. After writing my first page, I started to think about how to change perspectives and write with the 1st ...
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Lack of Creativity with Language

I feel as though my mind is uncreative because I keep coming up with trite words and comparisons. For instance, I if I want to say something is the highest in some quality, I will simply say it is ...
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