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This tag should be used for legal questions about contracts that are used in fields related to writing, such as when you are asking about what needs to be part of a contract or what typical form contracts have in the specific field you are interested in.

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Getting My Rights Back

Back in the late 90's I wrote a picture book which eventually was published in 2002 by a big name publishing house. The book was critically acclaimed, won an award, and went through a couple of ...
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At what point does an author deal with an editor?

I'm just wondering: at which point do you have to deal with the editor, and what are the (possible) consequences? That is, when is the editor's involvement greatest? After or before a deal? I'd ...
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Will e-books prevent books from going out of print (and rights from reverting)?

In the old days, books went out of print shortly after it stopped being profitable for the publisher to print new runs. My understanding is that good contracts had clauses that caused the rights to ...
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For publishing negotations I would like to know what a publishing company makes in profit?

I did a little research but blogs are never enough. I would like expert advice or even sample contracts which spell out everything if possible.
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Where can I find information about a contract that allows two authors to use a "shared world"?

A friend of mine was gracious enough to let me write a story using a setting he has been using for his own novel. I finished my novella while he is still working. I am looking at indie publishing the ...
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Is it plausible to get a contract with an US/UK publisher as a foreigner?

Looking for some insight in the publishing industry. Is it even remotely plausible to get published in with an English-language publishing house (UK/US), when you're not a national nor a resident of ...
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3 answers

What to include in agreement with a Ghost Writer. .

I am exploring engaging a Ghost writer to partner with me on the development of a non-fiction (well, mostly) business book. What are the critical elements of the agreement that need to be included?
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How does collaboration affect a publishing contract?

A publishing contract is generally a contract between a publisher and an author; a collaboration seems to add an additional party to the agreement. I would like to know what kind of complications this ...
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When a publisher buys the copyright for my books, does that include the pen name I used?

Years ago, I wrote many westerns under half a dozen names for a publisher. They bought the copyright and published them. Now I'm hoping to write for a different publisher. Can I still use one of the ...
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2 answers

How do you handle editors who materially change your writing after publication?

I'm a staff writer on a site that puts lots of emphasis on SEO. To that end, they have an SEO editor come back in to our posts after publication. The editor changes things like the abstract of the ...
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2 answers

Can I include my published short story as a chapter to my new book?

I hope you can help me. Back in 2018 I had my short story published by a publishing house. He insisted that there was no need for a contract even if I asked for one. He tried to print my book but ...
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2 answers

Owning comic book characters

I am currently writing an ongoing comic series, along with a co-author. Some of the characters in the book were created by me, some by the co-author, and some by third parties. All characters in ...
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2 answers

How to sign a contract to publish in a literary magazine?

I sold a piece to a magazine and am a little confused by the contract. I don't want to ask them, and look like a neophyte. I've been published before, but never by a paying market. The contract is a ...
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Do I need to get people to sign a waiver to include their content in my book?

I am working on a book that will be based on the results of ten interview questions that I am asking of multiple well-known-in-their-field people. Do I need to get these folks to sign a waiver or ...
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Publishing Contract - Unsure about the legal wording

So I've just been sent through a publishing contract for my debut novel. I don't have a literary agent as I submitted straight to the publisher. They liked the manuscript and have sent me a contract ...
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Writing without a contract

About 8 months ago a small game development company approached me to write dialogue for quests. They loved my writing and I quickly became the narrative designer for the game. I had to use characters ...
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How can I find out if I'm owed royalty payments on additional editions of my book?

I wrote Morris and the Kingdom of Knoll by T.L. Hill. It was published in 1996 jointly by J. Paul Getty and Children's Library Press. An advance towards royalties in the amount of $10,000 was split 3 ...
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Can I change my work and seel it if I am published with no contract?

I have had a falling out with my publisher. She has published many of my works and is telling me I am not legally able to resell my work anywhere. I have no contract to refer to. There is no verbal ...
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How do I make a contract with multiple authors

Someone suggested that I should make a question on this. I am making a book with multiple authors and we're all under 18 and I'm wondering how to make contracts with them. Just to say I'm trying to ...
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Online magazine signs contract for compensation, publishes piece, never pays - What to do? [closed]

I sold a piece to an online magazine and signed a contract for a small amount. They never paid, their site seems to be at a standstill, and no one has responded to my emails. My piece was the last ...
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Is it advantageous for authors to work as an LLC? [closed]

Is it advantageous for authors to work as an LLC? If I'm going to be writing a lot of books, it seems to make sense to work with publishers from an LLC and get some protection from spurious lawsuits. (...
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Is it possible for an author to publish an online course based on their published book?

I know that a publisher usually demands exclusive publishing rights for a period of time. However, if that author creates an online course based on the book, would that typically be restricted by the ...
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Creating a quotation contract

I am an aspiring script writer who is looking to get his first gig. An overseas firm approached me to write a script for four one minute commercials. I have stated my asking price to them but they ...
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Decide not to publish my book despite having signed a contract with the publisher?

Can I decide not to publish my book despite having signed a contract with the publisher? In the contract, it states: "1. The Assignor represents, warrants, and agrees: That the Assignor is the ...
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I paid for illustrations, now they want more money for copyrights for each illustration: do I owe them this?

My contract says that I paid for illustrations for a book and for its front and back covers. (I've completed the payment) Now they want more money and are saying that I need to pay for each copyright ...
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I am an author that wrote a biography on a singer. Do I need to get permission to turn the book into a screenplay?

I am an author who wrote a biography on a singer. I want to turn the book into a screenplay. Do I have to get permission from the singer to do this?
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